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Who We Are


The Magic Bus is a headshop that is located in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1997 we have been a staple in the Counter Culture community, as well as a travel destination for many people all over The United States. We are also strong supporters of our Community, including supporting local artists and businesses from Indianapolis and all over the state of Indiana, as well as many other U.S. Artists.


The Magic Bus was started in 1997 in Indiana.  There were three partners that ran the original Broad Ripple store; Steve, Tee, and Jennifer.  It was in a small house on Ferguson St. in the Broad Ripple area. Jennifer was bought out of the partnership and went on to form High On The Hill.  Steve and Tee remained business partners, but eventually this partnership soured and they divided the business. Steve kept the name and half the inventory and Tee kept half the inventory and the location.  The Magic Bus moved to its current location at this time. Steve built up the inventory and created a clean, well lit smoke shop which was unusual for this area. 


Steve ran the shop successfully until 2012 when he decided he was tired of the shop business and needed a change. He found two buyers and then moved out West.  Since 2012 Rod and Matt have shared ownership.  Matt is a glass blower/distributor living in Oregon. Rod operates Wishbone Gifts, Inc. in Muncie and is the Operations Manager for The Magic Bus.

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