21+ ONLY

21+ ONLY

You must be a least 21 years of age to look and/or purchase any of these items.



We have one of the largest glass selections in the Mid-west!

Throughout the pipe room you can also see special display cases featuring glass blowers from all over the country, as well as a few local artists too.

Pipe Room

The pipe room, or the main event! This is where all the magic happens, we have one of the largest glass selections in the Mid-West. We carry anything from simple metal pipes to the nice high end artistic glass created from all over the US. We have over 25+ functional glass sculpture artists that we feature in our showroom. Anyone and everyone must be at least be 21+ to purchase anything tobacco related. Our website is only for gallery purposes. Our glass collection changes everyday and we definitely have more to look at in our store! Our staff knows a wide range of information about our products in our Pipe Room. Come in and ask us about artists and tell us what you want! We strive to have the best customer service in the Headshop Industry by understanding our laws, customers, and products. Browse some of our artist here!

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